Janoš Žibrat

Hello! 👋 I’m Janos, a seasoned senior software developer with over 17 years of experience in the tech industry. My journey in the world of technology started when I was just 17 years old, igniting a deep passion for programming that has only grown stronger over time.

A Lifelong Journey

My fascination with programming led me to pursue a degree in computer science, where I honed my skills and knowledge. However, my commitment to learning doesn’t end with a diploma. I have a deep-seated belief in the importance of continuous education and staying at the forefront of industry trends.

Web Development Mastery

My primary area of expertise is web development, where I’ve dedicated my career to crafting exceptional online experiences. I excel in creating responsive, user-friendly websites and web applications, ensuring that my work aligns with the latest advancements in technology and design.

Leadership Role

In addition to my technical skills, I also serve as a group leader. As a leader, I’ve had the privilege of guiding and inspiring teams to achieve their full potential. I believe in fostering a collaborative and innovative environment that brings out the best in each team member.

Multilingual Expertise

In addition to my technical skills, I’m fluent in multiple languages, including English, German, Slovenian, and Croatian. This linguistic versatility allows me to engage with a diverse global audience, collaborate with international teams, and gain unique insights into various cultures and perspectives.

Hobbies and Family

Beyond my professional life, I have a deep love for tennis and running. These activities not only keep me active but also provide a sense of balance and focus that complements my work in the tech world.

Moreover, I cherish spending quality time with my wife, Nastja. ❤️ She is my source of inspiration and unwavering support in all that I do. Together, we create cherished moments that balance the demands of a thriving career.

Let’s Connect

I’m always eager to connect with fellow developers, tech enthusiasts, and anyone interested in web development, leadership, or simply sharing experiences. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch through my social media profiles or my contact page to discuss web projects, leadership insights, hobbies, or engage in tech conversations.

Thank you for visiting my website, and I’m looking forward to connecting with you soon! 👋